Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day Trip

Went to the crazy city of Toronto today with May and Trent.
Had two agenda's for the trip. Hit up the zoo IN season, and check out Chuck Gammage Studios!
Both were accomplished and I gotta say Chuck is such a friendly guy. Had a nice little chat with him after our zoo trip and his studio has such a great vibe. Ceiling fans are a must for ANY studio.
Here are some drawings from the zoo that had way to many kids running around.


Trent Correy said...

Holy sheit updates!!!! Nice drawings man, a hell of alot better than mine turned out!
Congradulations on the semi finals..mine got in too...
May the best man win.

MayYeo said...

What are you guys talking about? o.o
Btw, nice sketches Collin, they're better than mine too!!

Nachshon Rubel said...

you guys went to the zoo! time let me know, i'll get on the first plain and join u guys...
congrads on the film!!!
great sketches collin, probably better then what i would have done...hahah